I managed a partial tear of both my achilles and gastrocnemius. Today i am pain free and completely healed today due to one month of intensive hands on physical therapy by FE Boswell, she is completely amazing! No machines, simply all hands on therapy. I cant thank her enough for giving me back my mobility. Her knowledge of the body”s anatomy and her years of experience in PT as well as being an athlete in her own right are her incredible tools!
— J.M.

F.E. is an amazing pelvic floor therapist, her compassion and empathy dispose her to provide you with both physical and mental support. Having pain caused by things that aren’t really seen in imaging leads to being dismissed. F.E. acknowledging the impact of the pain I had, working to fix it, and seeing hope for me was such the boost I needed after years of slogging with an under treated illness.
— A.O.

Now that that is out of the way, F.E. brought me pain relief I didn’t think possible. 4 laparoscopies for endometriosis, a hysterectomy, and interstitial cystitis? I’d obviously had surgical interventions, on some serious pain meds, worked with my diet—but none of that would address the scar tissue, adhesions, and lack of pelvic mobility that effected walking like pelvic floor physical therapy. She addressed the physical cause of my ongoing pain, helped me set goals like standing without pain, walking more, pain free intercourse—thing I honestly thought I would never really achieve.
— C.B.

Let’s get the elephant out of the room, pelvic floor therapy is not something easy to discuss and deals with some sensitive physical and personal areas. F.E. Boswell could make the patron saint of modesty be at ease.
— D.W.

F.E. is the best. She sized me up and fixed me up with precision and skill. She even cracked me up sometimes — and, when you hurt, a dose of kindly humor can help more than aspirin. I absolutely recommend F.E. to anyone looking for a talented, sensitive, and expert healer.
— T.R.
I am so grateful to have met, and worked with FE. She truly changed my life for the better. I had been struggling with vulvodynia for more than 20 years when I first met her. I had seen many doctors who had no explanation or understanding of what was happening. It was so difficult to hear over and over that no one could help me. She has so much knowledge and compassion to bring to our sessions together. Within a matter of months I was seeing improvement and continued to see her for about a year, and continued with my self care. I have fully recovered and have a satisfying sex life. FE is a remarkable woman and she was able to guide me through healing with grace, support and many laughs.
— Lisa