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F.E. Boswell, MSPT


About Me:

I offer hands on manual therapy that comes with 30+ years of ongoing education and experience. My sessions are often a combination of  two or more of the types of therapy listed under my “services“ section. My particular method of hands on therapy releases fascial restrictions which are often the cause of pain, reduced motion, and loss of structural balance. This is called myofascial release and can bring back balance, improve normal vascular and lymph flow, and ultimately eliminate your pain.

My Background:

I’ve been practicing physical therapy since graduating from TWU Houston with a masters degree in 1985. After working in neurology, orthopedics and on general medicine cases, I eventually took my first Pelvic Floor class in 1997.  I was inspired by how Pelvic Floor Therapy could uncover and treat the real core of the body. In Austin, at Hands on Physical Therapy, my mentor Jody Hendryx introduced me to myofascial techniques (MFR). Working with Jody and studying with John Barnes, enabled me to make a lasting changes for women and men with back, hip and pelvic issues.

In 2006 I moved from Austin to Colorado. Here I joined Choices in Health and worked with Dr. Ripoll, a top urologist, in treating  pelvic pain and  disorders.  Dr. Ripoll's practice operated in a fusion of Eastern and Western medicine techniques. The majority of my patients were amongst the “most difficult to treat” cases who hadn't seen relief within the standard Western medical model.  Combining both Eastern and Western techniques and being able to extend my time with each patient to one hour, was what made Choices in Health so different from other clinics. When Dr. Ripoll relocated, I knew I had to open my own practice to continue providing care to the front range. Thus, Inner Healing PT was born!

My Philosophy:

If you are not getting what you need—even if you really can’t put a finger on what isn’t right about the medical services you are receiving—see what you can do to change this. Sometimes this means going to a place you have found on your own and sometimes it might mean you have to pay out of pocket to get the care you need. In my case I don’t accept insurance, but I am very cost effective and do everything I can to educate patients and limit number of visits.

So many different things can throw our bodies out of whack—trauma, surgeries, inflammation, chronic acute illness, diseases, sitting too long, not enough exercise, improper diet and fluid intake, aging, plus so much more.. Life is too short to live with pain. If you’ve tried everything and still don’t have the relief you need, it might be time to look elsewhere. With all my experience in combining various techniques and approaches, I have helped countless people heal once and for all. Let me help you too.